3 Benefits of Shear Testing

In the industrial and technology field, shear testing is extremely important. It involves measuring the strength of materials by applying pressure until a sliding failure occurs. There are several reasons why you should implement this form of testing into your daily operations. 

Quality Control 

When it comes to industrial parts, they need to be resilient and last a long time. Otherwise, they may cause the system that they're part of to malfunction. Fortunately, you can avoid potential headaches and dangerous scenarios with shear testing as it provides quality control.

These tests let you know exactly how much stress a particular material can handle before it experiences failure. You can then better decide if the material is right for its intended purpose. Quality control is not only important for saving money, but it improves safety. For example, you know bolts holding potentially dangerous parts in place will last under stress if they've been shear tested. 

Automated Machines

Shear testing has come a long way just in the past few years. Now, companies can rely on automated shear testing machines, which have many advantages over the more traditional machines and methods. For one, these tests are conducted via a control box. It lets technicians set precise speeds and movements, thus enabling accurate testing parameters. 

Advanced software is also used with automated shear machines today, giving users the ability to set up individual tests quickly. With each test, you can customize the starting conditions, data logging parameters, and stopping conditions. Live data graphs are also provided so you can see real-time results. 

Multiple Test Types 

When it comes to shear testing, there are predominantly two types you can select from. Having more than one option is important because it helps you choose the correct test based on the materials you're working with. 

The first method involves testing sample materials with double shear, meaning force is applied at two locations. This method helps you identify weak areas in a material that needs a certain shear strength throughout its entire makeup. 

The second test requires sample materials to have tapered ends, which are secured into position. Then, they are pulled in opposing directions until failure occurs. 

It's clear that shear testing is important for seeing how durable materials are, such as fasteners and screws. If your company is thinking about conducting these tests, just be sure to select a high-quality machine that works with your particular materials. Contact services like XYZTEC BV to learn more.